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Kimono online lessons for foreigners 海外の方向けのオンラインレッスン開始


↓↓Website for online lessons for foreigners

 For foreigners

My name is Asagi and run Kimono school in the Kanagawa region.
I teach my students how to wear Kimono.
 I also teach online, using Zoom.
All you need is your PC or smartphone and you can start your lesson anytime!

An interpreter can be organized upon your request.

I came to like to interact with people from overseas because I traveled through several countries and I did a homestay when I was a university student.

I believe there are many foreign people who are interested in Kimono and Japanese culture so I would like to build bridges by teaching online.

Wearing a yukata or kimono is surprisingly easy!
I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!

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