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For Internationnal students

International students are welcome.
Take a look at try Japan kimono.
Is the student treatment rates.

A. Try wearing a kimono. (Kimono dress to your instructor. As an added bonus, you play for koto, or can be fun to write(Japanese calligraphy) or make powdered green tea. About 70-80 minutes) 3000 yen.

B. you will learn how to wear kimono instructor lesson (60 minutes) is 2000 yen (instructor will teach you how to wear kimono. Lesson time rental fee is free)

C. When the fireworks and when you go out. Instructor will your yukata and kimono dressing you. Wearing Yukata is 2000 yen (about 30-60 minutes). Wearing Kimono is 3000 yen. Wearing Long-sleeved dress(Furisode) is 5000 yen.

Please send reservation form. Name, email, preferred date and time, phone number, preferred menu

Kakio’s Umetsumugi: 2cho-me Katahira Asao-ku Kawasaki-city. The nearest station is Kakio.(Odakyu line)
Around Shinyurigaoka,Machida,Tama-center,Nagayama,and Kurihira.

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